Hawaii Farmers Union Members Meeting Notice
Saturday, November 13, 2010
from 1:00-4:30 pm
ILWU Hall,
45-3720 Honokaa-Waipio Road (Mamane Street)
, Hawaii 96727

For the past two years, Hawaii Farmers Union has been a sub-division of California Farmers Union. The organization has grown in its endeavors, making great strides in upholding the principles of cooperation, legislation and education.This growth in Hawaii has lead to a request for National Farmers Union to be of assistance in the formation of an un-chartered division, called Hawaii Farmers Union, as a step towards becoming a chartered division.


The time has arrived where the developing membership, now in excess of 400 members on five islands, needs to approve of the structure and grant authority for the Officers and Board members to fulfill their responsibilities, cloaked with the authority of the collective judgment of the members.†††††††††††


Accordingly, a meeting of the membership will be held: November 13, 2010, at the ILWU Hall, Honokaa, Hawaii, for the purpose of;


1.      Adopting a motion to authorize the creation of the Hawaii Farmers Union, an entity of National Farmers Union,

2.      Adopting Robertís Rules of Order as the authority source for the conduct of the meeting,

3.      Approving of the Bylaws for the organization,

4.      Electing its officers in accordance of approved Bylaws,

5.      Electing members of the initial Board of Directors, and

6.      Such other business as may be brought forward by the members consistent with the state and federal law.

All members of the organization are invited to attend this meeting.In accordance with the National Farmers Union Bylaws, Article IV, only those members who were HFU members as of December 31, 2009 shall be empowered to participate and vote in the meeting.


Presiding as chair of the meeting shall be Mr. Dave Velde, National Farmers Union, General Counsel.A Parliamentarian will also be present for the meeting.

In addition, three satellite locations on Kauai, Maui and Oahu will be available for those members unable to attend in person to participate by Skype.Two Credentials/ Elections Committee members at each location will certify and record voting members.


Please contact Patti Valentine at 808-652-0433 or HFUKauai@gmail.com to confirm your participation.